The Sound of Progress [2013]

by Real Life Version

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Years and years I’ve been exposed to (methodical) destruction of myself. My dreams have been controlled, moral sense forced on me! I was trained to stand in line and fit in the role! The role of noble citizen that’s not me anymore! Now I have to fight against myself to become me again! I have to tear up straitjacket that I’ve been put into!
No sphere left untouched, subcultures up for sale. Alternatives to be claimed, re-appropriation soon complete. The power of commodity is too much to bear, You can´t be different no more by the things you wear. Capitalism has always found new ways, to take its opposition and turn it into a blunt blade. Alternatives thrown into the mainstream. Oppositional signs, just another (marketing) opportunity. You don´t need to look hard for evidence. See the punk fashion on runway models. Substance gone, punk just another fashion statement. Is this really going on? We might have been kicked to the ground, our mouths taped over. But we won´t go down quietly, our efforts gone down in vain. It is time to shut the beast down.
(Torturing yourself without even knowing so, Engrossed you are losing your sight for the common sense) Around your aching void you’re becoming a beast! Your apathy is leading you down to zero! It’s like limbo! Am I right? Am I right? Your rejection became commonness, awkward situation doesn’t put you off your stride. Although it seems impossible, you’re still holding your head out of mud! Bliss is lost, boredom prevails! At enmity with all! Now your mind map failed! Now puzzle-headed, searching for a way out from that mess that put you on the ground. In hope you’re turning away from a life of a slave! You say: Good-bye! World seems brighter nowadays!
Manipulating with my affection, knowing you’ll find my support. Putting your pain onto me, just to feel you’re not alone. How courageous of you! I gave you all through all these years, believed in you and your delusions. Now I came to the point when I can say: I’m sick and tired of playing games, just to keep your attention pleased. Can’t take this, won’t do that, I’m now free, I’m on my own, In the end it could not turn out any differently. Your own acts led the way of your own misfortune. And I do not want to be part of it!
Throughout the history our passions were oppressed with the intention of keeping us obedient! There's no place for passionate lovers in today's society, life must be organized as a well planned rutine! Man in love is a fearful threat to regime we live in. He is in his own world, where everything becomes meaningful and not polluted with competition and hypocrisy. He is free! So bring it back, bring it on again! Fall in love! That is how we can escape from this tiresome reality!
From man to good transferred in a day! We sold ourselves! We are expendable! Nothing more than a profit making device in capitalist eyes without the human rights! Slavery has just transformed into another form that suits our beloved system. What about fulfilling yourself throughout the work you do? What about joy, passion, creativity and enthusiasm in everyday tasks? Instead we were forced into a rutine that keeps us indifferent. We became deaf to our own ambitions, easily mislead to trust the relevance of authorities’ decisions! Those decisions that define our everyday life! Can we fight the hegemony? Their power comes from our consent and our power comes from breaking the indifference!
Last tendencies of governments trying to save the “holy grail” are not likely something more than just a suicidal note. Cutting down the last benefits that we have as citizens, with the intention to pay off “public” debts are ruining our last reason to believe in existence of modern states! When it comes to capital, governments are not exercising suvereignty in the name of people. They act more like distrainors on behalf of bourgeois elits, trying to solve their financial fiasco! Priorities are mixed up! Instead of peoples well-being we remedy the mistakes of untouchables!
Do we run away, or rather stay and watch this big collapse? Mr. M was right, this road has its end and it's approaching fast! The time is right to draw the line on distressed life we live Here’s the chance for all of us, to stop being so passive! Get involved help us out to crash down this violent beast, Because on its ruins we can build society we’ve always wished! Society we’ve always craved!
Surreal is what I see, can not define what I feel, Now I don’t believe a single word that I was told by you! What now where’s the point of giving up? Where’s the power that defined our strength our love? Are you afraid of failing again? Why wouldn’t you try this one more time? Will you neglect everything you are, everything we are, everything that was? I still remember all those endless conversations, All those dreaming thoughts how to change this insane world! But, you know what…those things have left a huge mark on me, And I believe that we can, if we want, do this now! For what we fight, if not for our rights? For what we die, if not for (our) freedom? All those things that we’ve done and all those things that we will do Show’s who we really are, show what we feel! So we can’t allow no one, to turn us against our dreams! We can’t allow not to be ourselves.


Real Life Version originating from Slovenia have risen from a strong local hardcore scene in their hometown Ajdovscina which was the centre of alternative music in the area. The band formed in late 2005, continuing the legacy of legendary local bands. They released their debut album Resistance from within in 2009, and took part in the “Got Punk?” tour playing in most venues around Slovenia. After several european tours through Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Holland, Belgium, England and Italy, their singer decided to leave the band due to lack of time. They forged forward as a four piece preparing the new material for the second album. Not wasting their time they first joined forces with finnish punk-rockers Part Time Killer on their tour through Czech Republic and Austria and year after hit the roads of Europe two more times. Real Life Version represent rock attitude with punk d.i.y. mentality, with friendship being the driving force behind their music. Knowing that the only way for the alternative music to thrive is to support it, they have been organizing shows for touring bands since 2007. Having done more than 50 shows for over 100 bands they are proving not to be only a great live performing band, but also a group of people who lives through their ideas and not just contemplating them. 2013 marks a new chapter of the band with new album called The Sound of Progress being released in late september.


released September 20, 2013

Released on Fond of Life Records, supported by Giljotina Records
Recorded through 2012-2013 at Myanus (rehearsing room)
Mixed and engineered by Aljosa Todorovic
Mastering by Jason Livermore at Blasting Room


all rights reserved


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