Resistance from Within [2009]

by Real Life Version

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Devoted to the things they've heard, not trying to understand the meaning of those words, (which) they are hearing every day, and do everything exactly like they say! Taking for granted everything that was shown to them by a wise trustworthy man. With the tales of the Promised Land, he’s keeping their eyes shut! Fighting for incontestable truth, against different way of life, different values, which interrupt their faith! What’s stronger than machine, when it’s trying to enforce its will? Belief is stronger than a sense in the act of bravery! Convinced, about their eternity, attempting impossibilities, which are leading in the war between good and “evil”! Legend never dies in the moment of weakness! Heroes are today tomorrow are forgotten!
The die is cast, now’s the end of all we know as right and wrong. World is turning (in) a different way, from left to right, from red to white. We’re just staring (and) not reacting, still confused of previous acts, We don’t agree and don’t believe that we are loosing the control. We were told that this would happen and we were told to be afraid. And all the blame is now on us (because) we didn’t react when we should!
It´s happened before and it´ll happen again, Like a flash of lightning from nowhere And now we all try to figure it out If we could´ve prevented what happened that night No-one heard all the silent screams, Neither saw her fell down the stairs Where were the signs of bloody tears? Where were the signs of his cursing hands? Bloody stains can not be just washed away! System has failed! And who’s responsible for this? But no-one will have enough courage to confess That we were deaf to all plead for help!
You want to speak loud about the things you’ve seen. Speechless mind, hands are tight with shoddy (black) ties. The world you know is collapsing right in front of you, Corrupted by the minority which is killing it! Rules after rules (are) falling down for their (perverse) interests, Black ties and smiling faces won’t regret a bit! Poisoning your mind, giving you to taste forbidden fruit, but on the other hand keeping it away from you, to make you beg for it! Don’t you see? Your passions are created from outside! Just let them go and turn your back away from them! Step out from the vicious circle, and don’t just wait and watch How they are chaining up your mind and heart!
I am wondering! Is this the only way to reach all your goals…of all your dreams. “With the knife in your own hand”, fighting through to win the game, careless mind doesn’t show any regret. (For) so long, you have occupied us all. You've gone, but there's always one behind. And this will never change, unless we do something now! I lived in a different world, without hypocrisy. Didn't know that life can be so cruel, Surprised by the careless minds, Surprised by the game they play. I can't believe, how naive can I be. Doesn't mater who is a friend and who's not, In fact there's no real friendship! There's just one big battle in which everyone is involved, If they want or not!
Everything that exist has its own position in the nature's order. We're part of it and we can't escape from it, although different ideals were set in the past. So... we can't just mess around, with the laws of mother nature and expect that everything will be just fine! We've lost a lot of, becouse of that... But what we have lost, it can be found again! We have to try to find in ourself, a way to move things back where they belong. Everyone has to contribute his share! This is how it works when things should get in change Lift your fist in the air, don't let opposite to happen. Spread the word arownd, show us that you care!
Bleeding, screaming on (the) outside (you're) smiling You can't hide the fact that you are dying! (And) All those things are now coming back again, For which you thought (that) they are already gone. Don’t hesitate and try to do the best you can! Now’s the time to leave ideology behind! I hope you can see where all this is going now, Dark clouds are coming upon (you), otherwise sunshine! Words can’t help, (but) actions can!
Every time I'm dreaming, I imagine a spotless world and it seems to be the perfect choice. And all that I'm seeing it feels too real to be true, but still can not put my mind off it! Although is this utopian (I) still rather dream than be awake All the pain among humanity makes my dreams fall apart Do you feel the same, about things (that) are going on? Anger’s leading them, but they don’t even know! We can no longer tolerate the position that we are in Uprising seems to be the only choice! Thoughts that praise the evil are the same as evil acts, for you don’t have to kill no one to start the war. Say yes to life and no to ignorance!
The little black babies with swollen bellies and flies in their eyes! It‘s the perfect scenery for hiding cruel lies! There's no solidarity, there's no human rights! It's just another way to manipulate with all of us! Just dealing with the consequences, we can’t save the world But pointing out the cause could help prevent them all! Supplying freedom fighters, buying their rare stones, (You are) giving them a legal rights for separating flesh from bones.


Real Life Version originating from Slovenia have risen from a strong local hardcore scene in their hometown Ajdovscina which was the centre of alternative music in the area. The band formed in late 2005, continuing the legacy of legendary local bands. They released their debut album Resistance from within in 2009, and took part in the “Got Punk?” tour playing in most venues around Slovenia. After several european tours through Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Holland, Belgium, England and Italy, their singer decided to leave the band due to lack of time. They forged forward as a four piece preparing the new material for the second album. Not wasting their time they first joined forces with finnish punk-rockers Part Time Killer on their tour through Czech Republic and Austria and year after hit the roads of Europe two more times. Real Life Version represent rock attitude with punk d.i.y. mentality, with friendship being the driving force behind their music. Knowing that the only way for the alternative music to thrive is to support it, they have been organizing shows for touring bands since 2007. Having done more than 50 shows for over 100 bands they are proving not to be only a great live performing band, but also a group of people who lives through their ideas and not just contemplating them. 2013 marks a new chapter of the band with new album called The Sound of Progress being released in late september.


released January 1, 2009

Mixed and engineered by Ram Cunta & Igor Vuk
Mastering by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering


all rights reserved


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